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Being a Video Psychic: Making a Connection

Many psychics are moving towards video readings, allowing them to make a better connection with more customers.

There is a myriad of good reasons for the popularity of video psychic jobs. Higher pay. Better flexibility. Enhanced technology. Something new. Those are just a few of the good reasons, but today we’re going to focus on how doing video readings enables you, the psychic, to make a better connection to your customers. Read the rest of this entry

3 Psychic Experts Needed for Top Rated Network Openings

The BCI Psychic Management Group is looking for 3 new psychics for their top-rated, busy psychic network.

One of the most coveted positions in the psychic industry, the best psychics are invited to apply.

At the PsychicJobCenter, we have thousands of job seekers looking for work. Over the years, we’ve heard only good things from people working on this network. The thing is, very few of the readers leave. The majority of their experts have been working with the company for at least 5 years, with the longest serving psychics entering their 15th and 16th years!

A Different Psychic Job

So this job is different from most other positions. One big thing you’ll notice is there are no call length averages. They don’t even post them. It is not a concern. They are far more concerned with their customers having a great experience. The customers call back, alot, so they don’t want to alienate anyone by having psychics try to draw out the reading just for the sake of getting a longer call. And it doesn’t matter if that call takes 5 minutes or 105 minutes… it should always be the client’s choice.

They’re pretty serious about it too. Their contract agreement includes a clause that you absolutely will not engage in tactics to keep the customer on the phone with the goal of achieving a higher commission. They’ll remove psychics who try to employ some of those things.

Business Savvy Psychics

They are interested in business-minded readers. This means thinking beyond the old business model of keeping a caller on the phone. It means building a relationship with the clients. Providing them with exceptional, compassionate readings that help them solve problems and make positive changes. And when those customers want a reading in the future, being ready to provide them with just the same excellent service as before.

A business savvy psychic knows that providing a great reading on the phone is different from providing one in person. You need to be professional, interesting, and grab their attention immediately. You need to be able to connect to the customer, empathize with them and make sure they know you have their best interests in mind. You need to be in control of the reading, yet understand and meet the client’s expectations and needs.

Business savvy psychics also understand how important it is to provide everything necessary for their high-quality profile to be built. This means a well-written, engaging paragraph or two about their skills and abilities. Plus a high-quality, professional headshot. While many psychic lines will let you provide snapshots / selfies, etc., they won’t take those here!

Psychic Integrity

The BCI Psychic Management Group insists that every reading should be focused on providing the best possible experience for the customers. Many of their clients are life-long callers who have placed their trust in the advisors hand-selected to answer their calls. Avoiding “doom and gloom” sessions that serve only to scare the clients is a must. Instead, they want psychics who can focus on readings that help make positive changes for the caller. In short, they want psychics who will embrace their sense of loyalty and responsibility to protect and guide their clients.

4 Reasons this is a great Psychic Job

There are some great reasons this position is one of the most popular on our site when available. Beyond working with a great company that has the best interests of their clients & their psychics in mind, here are 4 more reasons you should consider applying for this position:

  1. Great Pay. You’ll start out earning $.75/min on your calls. That rate can increase as you grow. In fact, you’ll decide when it is time to raise your rates, thus increasing your per minute commission.
  2. Quick Pay. This job pays quick. Like Super Quick. The pay periods start on Monday, end on Sunday. Three days later your earnings are deposited into your bank account. Yep, every week, like clockwork.
  3. Established Company. This network has been around a long time. They’re one of the very first psychic websites ever. They have a ton of customers, and a really high customer call back & retention rate. You can do the math.
  4. No averages. Remember, the focus is on providing a great reading, not providing long readings. The call will take as much time as the customer feels necessary, and there are no penalties for short calls.

Only highly qualified experts

If you think you might make a good fit for one of these limited positions, we encourage you to complete their intesive application. Don’t wait too long, but make sure you have time to sit down and make a throurough application.

>>Click Here to learn more and Apply Now


What type of Psychic Jobs are you looking for? We have 5 Questions for all Psychic Job Seekers.

Are you part of the community of gifted lightworkers, psychic advisors, tarot masters, astrologers and other intuitive individuals making a living using your abilities?

We’re in the process of making some huge updates at the to bring our subscribers and website visitors an even better experience. This is going to include bringing you more quality, high paying psychic jobs on the telephone and more. We’ll be helping you find ways to land the perfect psychic job for you. Plus, we’ll have ways to help you promote your own psychic business that fit any budget, even free! If you have an extension on a psychic network, we’ll even have valuable information on how to promote your own services.

We have 5 Questions we’d like to ask you about what you’re looking for in psychic jobs.

If you would like to help us with our quest in making the PsychicJobCenter even more awesome for workers in the intuitive industry, please help us by taking part in our poll:

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The Top 4 Keys to Finding Success as an Independent Psychic Expert

For those who are gifted with special, intuitive skills, working as an Independent Psychic Expert can provide a great living. There are some things all successful experts have in common!

If you want to enjoy all the benefits of being your own boss, earning a nice income, and flexible scheduling, you can find it all by providing your psychic services to customers around the world. However, this career path isn’t always the best option for everyone. There’s a lot of hard work, sacrifice and stick-to-it-ness involved.

Here are 4 things the most successful independent psychic experts all have in common:

Read the rest of this entry

Is it time to dive into Video Readings? Here’s 5 Reasons Why Now is the Right Time to GO-VIDEO!

Work with the World’s Top Promoter of Psychic Video Services and enjoy Big Rewards! There’s no doubt about it… the future of the remote psychic industry lies with video services!

Maybe you’ve been wondering if you should try providing your intuitive services via video consultation, but you’re just not sure where to start. Or perhaps you’ve dabbled a bit providing readings to private clients, but you just aren’t able to stay busy enough. Or maybe you’ve been afraid to try doing video readings.. not quite ready to give up the comfort and anonymity of the phone line or your keyboard.

We’d like to give you 5 Great Reasons why now is the time for you to GO VIDEO:

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PsychicsNeeded begins their Autumn Recruiting Campaign

20 Top Jobs available as the team at Psychics Needed begin their Autumn Recruiting Campaign, searching for the best telephone-readers throughout the nation.

For over a decade, the folks at have been recruiting psychics, astrologers, mediums and other gifted advisors to work on the longest-lasting psychic network. Psychics on this job enjoy multiple call-streams, weekly pay, industry-high commissions and bonuses, heavy exposure on a large network of advertised services, and more!

Right now they are beginning their Autumn Recruiting Campaign, aimed at bringing on board at least 20 fresh faces to help with an increase in call-volume over the next several weeks.

They are looking for readers who have experience providing telephone readings. They give preference to psychics who are ready to make a solid effort and time commitment to building their psychic-extension business. In return, these experts enjoy top pay (most calls are $1/min!) with weekly payments.

An established and highly-trusted management team located in the USA, top pay, weekly business and lots of calls are just some of the reasons the jobs at Psychics Needed are always our top-requested listings!

CLICK HERE for more info and to get started.

Make sure to tell them the Psychic Job Center sent you!

Earn upto 40-cents per Answered SMS Text Question

Answer questions submitted via text-message using your home computer.

We have a new opportunity listed for psychics who have excellent typing skills. Psychic Managers is looking for readers to answer questions from their home computer that are submitted via SMS / Text messaging. Each answer is fairly short.. usually less than 460 characters.

You must have excellent grammar and spelling. Since you’re paid per question answered, you’ll need to be able to move fairly quickly from one question to the next in order to maximize your earnings, so your fast and accurate typing skills will come in handy.

This is great work for any psychic looking to do something a little bit different from the norm, or it can be excellent filler work for telephone psychics while they are waiting for the next call. You can easily pause your work on this system and resume it after you complete your other reading.

Readers with experience are earning $10-$15/hr with weekly checks. Interested?

CLICK HERE for more info and to get started.

Don’t forget to tell them the Psychic Job Center sent you!

Psychic Job Fair

Telephone and Video Reader Openings

PsychicsNeeded is hiring over 100 new experts to add to their team of professional Psychics, Mediums, and Tarot Readers. In order to find as many great readers as possible, they are holding a Psychic Job Fair this week.

By registering for the Job Fair, you’ll select one of several conference calls to attend this week. During the call, a representative of PsychicsNeeded will explain each of the positions available including compensation details and the position requirements.

This is a great opportunity to find out more about becoming a Telephone or Video Psychic.

Edit: This Job Fair Ended

Now Hiring 200 Psychics: Busy Telephone Network / $2.00 per min. / Weekly Pay

The Talk Communications Telephone Network has openings for 200 top psychics to earn upto $1.00 per minute with weekly pay.

One of the consistently best psychic-job opportunities over the past 10 years has been working on the Talk Communications telephone network. Experts who have an extension answer calls for a dozen different psychic companies, all through a single login! Now, that job is getting even better…

There is a huge increase in call-volume, so they have contracted with the PsychicsNeeded Recruiting team to bring in at least 100-200 new psychics, mediums and tarot readers to answer their calls. They are looking for readers who have experience providing telephone readings.

Another big change is their rate of pay. The majority of the calls coming in pay the expert  $1.00/minute, based on the expert’s call-length average. There are also bonus incentives available.

The final big change is weekly pay! Their experts are paid every week for the previous week’s earnings!

Where else can you earn $1.00 per minute, have lots of business and get paid weekly? They really know how to take care of their psychic talent!

CLICK HERE for more info and to get started.

Make sure to tell them the Psychic Job Center sent you!

HomeJobster Members select #1 Psychic Job: PsychicNetworkers

The HomeJobster Premium Membership website (sponsor of the Psychic Job Center) recently polled their members who have expressed an interest in psychic jobs. They selected their #1 choice for work-at-home employment in the psychic industry.

hjlogo 299x150There have been many different positions listed on HomeJobster for psychics in the past year. An overwhelming majority of the members rated PsychicNetworkers as their top choice. The top reasons members listed for the high rating included Compensation (4.5/5 stars) and Support (4.8/5 stars).

PsychicNetworkers has consistently been hiring over the past year, providing a lot of opportunities for intuitive professionals to work from home. As one of the largest employers in the industry today, PsychicNetworkers has hired psychics for both telephone and video reader positions. They also occasionally hire for recruiters to help them grow their team.

In the poll, respondents who rated PsychicNetworkers with high-marks for Compensation mostly mentioned their Video expert position that pays a starting rate of $24/hr of talk time with limitless pay-increases available. Many reported that they were earning around $59/hr of talk time within their first couple months.

Most poll participants rated PsychicNetworkers highest in the Support category. Apparently the management team provides a great deal of training and support to their new experts to help them succeed right at the start. Everything is online, making it easy to get started providing readings, but they also have one-on-one support available.

We’re proud to continue to post the job listings for the psychic-employment company rated highest by HomeJobster’s members!


MORE INFORMATION: is the sponsor of the Psychic Job Center. They manage a large database of premium at-home employment job listings made available only to their members. For more information, visit their website.

PsychicNetworkers hires psychics, astrologers, mediums and tarot experts to work on their telephone and video networks. As a long-term job poster on our site, the Psychic Job Center congratulates PsychicNetworkers for being the highest rated Psychic Employment Company. You can apply for their open position here.